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FILMEXEL and How It Can Benefit Your Skin

Lisa’s Top Hero Ingredient – Lifting, Smoothing, Tightening, All Natural FILMEXEL.

Lifting, smoothing, tightening FILMEXEL stars in Elevated Glow Highlighter, Seamless Skin Foundation and Skin and Makeup Enhancing Mist… Use the entire FILMEXEL family for a synergetic, triple threat!

“FILMEXEL is a brilliantly clever biopolymer network that on contact with the skin, forms a resistant and flexible mesh. Three minutes after application, skin is visibly sculpted and smoothed, with a subtle lifted and tightened effect.” Lisa Eldridge


Elevated Glow Highlighter

A ‘skincare-grade glow-giver’ liquid highlighter that delivers a beautiful, natural glow alongside high performance skin benefits. Designed to add an amplified luminous glow to the high points of the face whilst simultaneously delivering a subtle lifting, tightening and smoothing effect.


“The FILMEXEL story started here! I’ve always wanted to ensure that my products are backed by incredible science and innovative ingredients and I was determined to include FILMEXEL in my first complexion launch – which happened to be my Elevated Glow Highlighter’  Lisa Eldridge

Elevated Glow Highlighter

Seamless Skin Foundation

Soft-focus, seamless, skin-like finish in a lightweight and long-wearing, skin-friendly formula. Customisable, medium coverage with minimum 12-hour wear.


“FILMEXEL is a natural mesh-like ingredient which completely fuses with skin after blending. The final finish is neither dewy or flat matte but something soft and skin-like in between.” Lisa Eldridge

The Foundation

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation in a matte glass bottle with a gold lid. The bottle says ‘lisa eldridge SEAMLESS SKIN’

Shade No. 2.5
The Foundation
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Skin and Makeup Enhancing Mist

Multifunctional, ultra-fine makeup mist infused with skin-loving ingredients. Created to be used as part of your skincare routine, to settle makeup and to hydrate makeup and skin throughout the day. Immediately restores skin’s radiance and synergises your base products for a truly seamless finish, whilst prolonging the staying power of makeup.


“I use this on all my clients during skin prep and to settle the makeup with a beautiful, fresh glow. I’ll mist all over the face to meld complexion products in seamless synergy” Lisa Eldridge


Skin and Makeup Enhancing Mist

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All my products are 100% cruelty free, fragrance free* and suitable for sensitive skin

*With the exception of Baume Embrace Melting Lip Colour, which contains a food-grade, soft vanilla flavouring, that does not contain any allergens