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Beauty - Victorian Era to 1930's

13 Apr 2011 - Views - Comment

This was the most difficult video I've ever had to edit as I had to cut out so many great anecdotes, interesting facts and amazing products. Seriously, I think I could easily have made a 10 minute film for each decade!

Anyway here is a little glimpse of my visit to the house and collection of Madeleine Marsh. I tried to stay calm and focused but inside I was bursting to get my hands on all the amazing treasures that surrounded me! The second half of this video will feature the 1940's through to the 70's and some incredible items - Mary Quant crayons, the IT palette all the cool British girls aspired to own during the war and a powder compact in the shape of a grand piano... to name just a few! Stay tuned X

Madeleines book is called The History of Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty From Victorian Times to the Present Day and you can buy it on Amazon.

All images from the book in this video are shown with permission.

If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page here X



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