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Dua Lipa - Houdini (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa - Tyrone Lebon - Houdini

Dua Lipa - Tyrone Lebon - Houdini

Grazia - Mateusz Sitek

Grazia - Mateusz Sitek

Inspiration - Grace Kelly - Wedding Day Beauty

01 Jun 2010 - Share →

Ooo how much do I love this picture of Grace Kelly on her wedding day.

I particularly love (well I guess I would!) how her make-up is so timelessly beautiful.

Looking through the photographs taken throughout her life I noticed that although it was sometimes easy to date her clothes and hairstyles the same could not be said of her make-up. This seems to be because she never followed beauty fads. For example, the perfect brows of her earlier films, seen here on her wedding day, were never subjected to over plucking - even in the 70’s when it was highly fashionable.

Always favoring a fuller brow, flawlessly natural looking skin, well defined lips and flattering, simply made up eyes (usually just pencil and mascara) it is always her astonishing ‘beauty’ you see not her make up.

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