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Dua Lipa - Houdini (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa - Tyrone Lebon - Houdini

Dua Lipa - Tyrone Lebon - Houdini

Grazia - Mateusz Sitek

Grazia - Mateusz Sitek

Lisa Loves - Kate Mouse in the house

30 Nov 2010 - Share →

I know this isn't a beauty related item but I've had a bit of crush on these T-shirts for a while. I received a Simeon Farrar scarf for Christmas last year and have loved and worn it all weathers since. So when I clocked this witty and fun offering it went straight on to my wish list. I love all the different prints and colours too.

Anyway, my main reason for posting is because Simeon is running a competition for the chance to win one of ten custom made "Kate Mouse's" (or should that be mice?), 5 on Twitter and 5 on Facebook. The T-shirts normally cost between £55-£95 each,depending on the print and wash. So if like me you are coveting, enter, you never know you might get lucky ; )

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