Display Name,SKU,Product ID,Ohio,Quantity (Total) Velvet Jazz (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100003,,,6768 Velvet Morning (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100001,,,6622 Velvet Ribbon (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100002,,,17878 "The True Velvet Collection (Velvet Ribbon, Jazz and Morning in a velvet bag)",FG100026,,,0 Velvet Plush (Makeup Bag),FG100005,,,0 Love Of My Life (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100010,,,3969 Rainbow Spill (Insanely Saturated Lip Colour),FG100202,,,5424 Skyscraper Rose (Insanely Saturated Lip Colour),FG100203,,,5298 Aquamarine Linen (Makeup Bag),FG100016,,,-30 Test Product,LISATESTPRODUCT123-9,,,27 Velvet Muse (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100018,,,13541 Velvet Beauty (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100020,,,6884 Velvet Decade (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100019,,,2133 Velvet Fawn (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100017,,,5291 Velvet Midnight (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100022,,,3069 Velvet Myth (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100021,,,4822 "The Ultimate Velvet Mix Collection (Velvet Muse, Decade and Ribbon in a velvet bag)",UL100001,,,0 "The New Velvet Collection (Velvet Fawn, Muse and Decade in a velvet bag)",NV100004,,,0 "The Blue Velvet Collection (Velvet Beauty, Myth and Midnight in a velvet bag)",BV100004,,,0 Cherry Velvet (Makeup Bag),RP100001S,,,-30 "The Irresistible Pinks Collection (Skyscraper Rose, Rainbow Spill and Love of My Life in an aquamarine linen makeup pouch)",SC100001,,,0 "The Deep Velvet Collection (Velvet Decade, Myth and Midnight in a velvet bag)",DV100001,,,0 "The Soft Velvet Collection (Velvet Beauty, Muse and Fawn in a velvet bag)",LV100001,,,0 The Summer Pink Duo (Skyscraper Rose and Love of My Life in an aquamarine linen makeup pouch),FG100039,,,0 Velvet Affair (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100035,,,9886 Velvet Carnival (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100037,,,2436 Velvet Blush (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100036,,,6690 Velvet Dragon (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100038,,,7719 Beauty (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100042,,,4548 Blush (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100043,,,6116 Go Lightly (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100046,,,8276 Muse (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100041,,,7284 Myth (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100040,,,3488 Ribbon (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100044,,,4499 Velvet Blush Kit (Fantasy Florals Lip Kit),FG100104FLORALBLUSHC,,,0 Velvet Myth Kit (Fantasy Florals Lip Kit),FG100105FLORALMYTHC,,,0 Velvet Ribbon Kit (Fantasy Florals Lip Kit),FG100106FLORALRIBBONC,,,0 Velvet Muse Kit (Fantasy Florals Lip Kit),FG100107FLORALMUSEC,,,0 Velvet Beauty Kit (Fantasy Florals Lip Kit),FG100108FLORALBEAUTYC,,,0 "The Blue Velvet Collection (Velvet Beauty, Myth and Midnight in a velvet bag)",FG100028,,,0 "The Soft Velvet Collection (Velvet Beauty, Muse and Fawn in a velvet bag)",FG100109SOFTVC,,,0 "The Velvet Roses Collection (Velvet Beauty, Carnival and Blush in a velvet bag)",FG100102VROSESC,,,0 "The Velvet Romance Collection (Velvet Affair, Muse and Blush in a velvet bag)",FG100103VROMANCEC,,,0 Lisa Eldridge Studio Sweatshirt (Small),FG100098SWEAT.S,,,39 Midnight Blue Velvet (Makeup Bag),FG100052BAG.B,,,-30 Deep Emerald Velvet (Makeup Bag),FG100053BAG.G,,,-30 Floral Velvet (Makeup Bag),FG100054BAG.CP,,,-30 Lisa Eldridge Beauty e-Gift Card (£25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150),"",,,-46 Lisa Eldridge Beauty e-Gift Card (£25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150),"",,,-42 Lisa Eldridge Beauty e-Gift Card (£25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150),"",,,-16 Lisa Eldridge Beauty e-Gift Card (£25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150),"",,,-10 Lisa Eldridge Beauty e-Gift Card (£25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150),"",,,-3 Affair (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100129,,,10427 Crystal Nebula (Elevated Glow Highlighter),FG100111,,,13805 Pink Soap (Enlivening Blush),FG100116,,,-295 Cosmic Rose (Elevated Glow Highlighter),FG100112,,,13519 Celestial Fire (Elevated Glow Highlighter),FG100115,,,5191 Dante’s Dream (Enlivening Blush),FG100117,,,-296 Pink Poetry (Enlivening Blush),FG100119,,,-293 Mountain Walk (Enlivening Blush),FG100120,,,-299 Venetian Red (Enlivening Blush),FG100121,,,-299 Island Glow (Enlivening Blush),FG100118,,,-295 Atomic Cherry (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100128,,,3288 Kitten Mischief (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100127,,,20276 Rose Official (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100125,,,13188 Spirited Away (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100124,,,13260 Charm (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100130,,,3699 Delilah (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100131,,,4322 Songbird (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100045,,,7876 Solar Light (Elevated Glow Highlighter),FG100113,,,15540 Painterly (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100123,,,11851 Dance Card (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100126,,,9328 Test Service,"",,,100 Petal (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100161,,,3241 Cinnabar (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100163,,,3502 Dragon (Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss),FG100162,,,3735 Velvet Petal (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100134,,,10154 Velvet Cinnabar (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100137,,,11087 Velvet Blush Lightly (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100136,,,11773 Decade (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100142,,,2975 Midnight (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100143,,,3684 Myth (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100049,,,7368 Muse (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100050EDLP.MU,,,4483 Beauty (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100047,,,7300 Morning (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100144,,,7265 Fawn (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100145,,,4845 Jazz (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100146,,,6304 Blush (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100048,,,6227 Affair (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100147,,,4518 Dragon (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100148,,,6019 Carnival (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100149,,,7970 Ribbon (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100051EDLP.RI,,,3954 Petal (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100138,,,5607 Intrigue (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100139,,,1844 Cinnabar (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100141,,,6077 Blush Lightly (Enhance and Define Lip Pencil),FG100140,,,6335 Velvet Intrigue (True Velvet Lip Colour),FG100135,,,7771 Light Set.1 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100150,,,-23 Light Set.2 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100151,,,0 Light/Medium Set.1 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100152,,,-63 Light/Medium Set.2 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100153,,,0 Medium Set.1 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100154,,,0 Medium Set.2 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100155,,,3185 Medium/Deep Set.1 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100156,,,8680 Medium/Deep Set.2 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100157,,,9149 Deep Set.1 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100158,,,4626 Deep Set.2 (Foundation Sample Card),FG100159,,,4741 No. 1 (The Foundation Brush),FG100169,,,2113 The Foundation (Shade No. 20),FG100074,,,1547 The Foundation (Shade No. 1),FG100055,,,924 The Foundation (Shade No. 40),FG100094,,,77 The Foundation (Shade No. 39),FG100093,,,81 The Foundation (Shade No. 38),FG100092,,,80 The Foundation (Shade No. 37),FG100091,,,77 The Foundation (Shade No. 36),FG100090,,,78 The Foundation (Shade No. 35),FG100089,,,69 The Foundation (Shade No. 34),FG100088,,,75 The Foundation (Shade No. 33),FG100087,,,39 The Foundation (Shade No. 32),FG100086,,,1153 The Foundation (Shade No. 31),FG100085,,,1150 The Foundation (Shade No. 30),FG100084,,,1134 The Foundation (Shade No. 29),FG100083,,,1123 The Foundation (Shade No. 28),FG100082,,,1112 The Foundation (Shade No. 27),FG100081,,,1151 The Foundation (Shade No. 26),FG100080,,,1132 The Foundation (Shade No. 25),FG100079,,,1093 The Foundation (Shade No. 24),FG100078,,,1108 The Foundation (Shade No. 23),FG100077,,,2525 The Foundation (Shade No. 22),FG100076,,,1456 The Foundation (Shade No. 21),FG100075,,,1578 The Foundation (Shade No. 19),FG100073,,,1032 The Foundation (Shade No. 18),FG100072,,,1067 The Foundation (Shade No. 17),FG100071,,,5182 The Foundation (Shade No. 16),FG100070,,,4335 The Foundation (Shade No. 15),FG100069,,,4107 The Foundation (Shade No. 14),FG100068,,,1934 The Foundation (Shade No. 13),FG100067,,,3515 The Foundation (Shade No. 12),FG100066,,,5740 The Foundation (Shade No. 11),FG100065,,,9470 The Foundation (Shade No. 10),FG100064,,,9180 The Foundation (Shade No. 9),FG100063,,,8619 The Foundation (Shade No. 8),FG100062,,,606 The Foundation (Shade No. 7),FG100061,,,8137 The Foundation (Shade No. 6),FG100060,,,1337 The Foundation (Shade No. 5),FG100059,,,7493 The Foundation (Shade No. 4),FG100058,,,2051 The Foundation (Shade No. 3),FG100057,,,1678 The Foundation (Shade No. 2),FG100056,,,1424 A Seamless Skin Seminar (Wednesday 24th November 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 A Seamless Skin Seminar (Monday 20th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 A Night in the Makeup Museum (Monday 22th November 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),EVENT-22-11-21,,,0 Seamless Skin & Brows (Tuesday 23rd November 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Lisa joins Lucy Mayes for 'Vermillion to Verdigris: Secrets from the Artists Palette' (Monday 6th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Lisa joins James Molloy for a Velvet Ribbon Festive Twist (Tuesday 7th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Lisa joins Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist Marcos Gurgel as he creates a Strictly Come Glam Makeup Look (Monday 13th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 A Night In The Makeup Museum with Lisa and Madeleine Marsh (Tuesday 14th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Psychology of Makeup and Skincare - Lisa In Conversation with Lee Pycroft and Caroline Hirons (Wednesday 15th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Lisa joins Melanie Bouvet as she creates a signature ballet makeup look from the Royal Opera House for an ‘Evening at The Opera’ (Thursday 16th December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 A Night In The Makeup Museum (Tuesday 21st December 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,-7 The Velvet Ribbon Studio Sweatshirt (Small - Red),FG100180SWEATRED.S,,,0 The Velvet Ribbon Studio Sweatshirt (Medium - Red),FG100181SWEATRED.M,,,0 The Velvet Ribbon Studio Sweatshirt (Large - Red),FG100182SWEATRED.L,,,-12 The Velvet Ribbon Studio Sweatshirt (X-Large - Red),FG100183SWEATRED.XL,,,0 The Velvet Ribbon Studio Sweatshirt (XX-Large - Red),FG100184SWEATRED.XXL,,,0 Test Event (Monday 22nd November 7:30pm - 9:00pm UK Time),"",,,0 Lisa Eldridge Studio Sweatshirt (Medium),FG100099SWEAT.M,,,108 Lisa Eldridge Studio Sweatshirt (Large),FG100100SWEAT.L,,,90 Lisa Eldridge Studio Sweatshirt (X-Large),FG100101SWEAT.XL,,,135 Lisa Eldridge Studio Sweatshirt (XX-Large),FG100110SWEATXXL,,,16 Anjelica (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100164,,,2017 Lauren (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100165,,,3429 Diana (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100167,,,1489 Bianca (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100168,,,1511 Liza (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100166,,,2040 Pink Moon (Elevated Glow Highlighter),FG100114,,,1006 Rosy Shell (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100195,,,4581 Le Mépris (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100196,,,-928 Wonder Wheel (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100197,,,4041 Je Ne Sais Quoi (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100199,,,940 Meet Me In Berlin (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100194,,,118 Night Thoughts (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100200,,,96 Palazzo (Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour),FG100198,,,3405 New Wave (Insanely Saturated Lip Colour),FG100201,,,6833 Strawberry Shock (Insanely Saturated Lip Colour),FG100192,,,2067 Sunday Matinée (Insanely Saturated Lip Colour),FG100193,,,4255 Maya (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100204,,,1837 Anais (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100208,,,2649 Zora (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100209,,,1289 Iris (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100210,,,932 Daphne (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100217,,,3480 Emily (Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow),FG100207,,,1787